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DateSpeakerInstituteTalk Title
Spring Semester 2020
2020-01-06 P. Ramadevi IIT Bombay Chern-Simons field theory invariants, volume conjecture & topological entanglement.
2020-01-13 Amitabh Virmani CMI, Chennai QNMs of SUSY Microstate Geometries and D1-D5 CFT
2020-01-20 Sridip Pal IAS, Princeton Tauberian Theorems and High Energy Asymptotics in CFT
2020-01-27 Arjun Bagchi IIT Kanpur No Tension! The Carefree Life of Null Strings
2020-02-03 Neetu IISER Bhopal Quantum Mechanics of Plancherel Growth
2020-02-10 Shouvik Datta UCLA & ICTS-TIFR Eigenstate Thermalization and Virasoro Symmetry
2020-02-17 Sayali Bhatkar IISER Pune Loop Corrected Soft Theorems and Asymptotic Ward Identities
2020-02-25 Onkar Parrikar Stanford University Gravity from Quantum Entanglement in the AdS/CFT correspondence
2020-02-26 Athira P V CMI, Chennai Generalised Coherent States in QCD from Asymptotic Symmetries
2020-03-09 Shubho Roy IIT Hyderabad Quantum Complexity Characteristics of Bulk Gravitational Singularities
2020-03-09 Parijat Dey Uppsala University Dispersion Relation in Conformal Field Theory
Monsoon Semester 2019
2019-07-01 Adwait Gaikwad TIFR, Mumbai Gravitational collapse in SYK models and Choptuik-like phenomenon
2019-07-02 Sayantan Choudhury Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics, Germany Open quantum theory of two entangled atoms in De Sitter Space
2019-07-08 Todadri Senthil MIT, USA Landau ordering and other novel phase transitions beyond the Landau paradigm
2019-07-22 Sumit Das University of Kentucky Quantum Quench in Matrix Quantum Mechanics and time dependent backgrounds in 2d strings
2019-07-26 Prahar Mitra IAS, Princeton Asymptotic Symmetries in Odd Dimensions
2019-08-13 Arunabha Saha University of Geneva Black Holes in an environment in large D as forced membranes
2019-08-19 Biswajit Sahoo HRI, Allahabad Status of Soft Theorem in D=4 (Its application in classical limit and understanding as Ward identity)
2019-08-26 Mrunmay Jagadale CMI Chennai Polytopes and Scattering Amplitudes in Scalar Field Theory
2019-09-03 Pranjal Nayak University of Geneva Pure states and eigenstate thermalization in the Schwarzian theory - Part 1
2019-09-04 Pranjal Nayak University of Geneva Pure states and eigenstate thermalization in the Schwarzian theory - Part 2
2019-09-16 Mahan Mj TIFR, Mumbai Percolation on Hyperbolic groups
2019-09-23 Pushkal Shrivastava ICTS-TIFR Strong Cosmic Censorship and Spacetime Entanglement
2019-09-30 Chandan Jana ICTS-TIFR Non-local divergences in open QFTs
2019-10-14 Swarnava Mukhopadhyay TIFR, Mumbai Rank-Level Duality of Conformal Blocks
2019-10-21 Anirban Basu HRI, Allahabad Eigenvalue Equation for the Modular Graph Ca,b,c,d
2019-11-04 Shiroman Prakash Dayalbagh Institute, Agra Subchromatic Tensor Models
2019-11-11 Sujay Ashok IMSc, Chennai Topological open/closed string dualities
2019-11-13 Hermann Nicolai Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics K(E10) and Standard Model Fermions
2019-11-18 Justin David IISc, Bangalore Unitarity and the Chaos bound
2019-11-25 Diptarka Das IIT Kanpur Modular Bootstrap at Extreme and Intermediate Temperatures: Asymptotics and Bounds
2019-12-02 Nabamita Banerjee IISER Bhopal BMS3 Symmetries and Invariant Dual Field Theory
2019-12-31 David Tong DAMTP, Cambridge A Non-Supersymmetric 5d Fixed Point?
Spring Semester 2019
2019-01-02 Manuel Vielma University of Geneva, Switzerland Eigenstate thermalization in the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model
2019-01-03 Atish Dabholkar ICTP, Trieste, Italy Quantum Gravity from Timelike Liouville
2019-01-07 Thomas Hartman Cornell University, USA Bounds on Energy and Transport in Quantum Field Theory
2019-01-14 Abhijit Gadde TIFR, Mumbai Constraints on CFTs in large dimensions
2019-01-21 Silviu Pufu Princeton University, USA Scattering amplitudes, bootstrap, and supersymmetric localization
2019-02-04 K. V. Pavan Kumar IISc, Bangalore Towards Singlet Spectrum in SYK-like Tensor Models
2019-02-11 Chethan Krishnan IISc, Bangalore Bulk Locality and Asymptotic Causal Diamonds
2019-02-25 Narayan Krishnan CMI, Chennai Extremal surfaces, de Sitter entropy and entanglement in ghost systems
2019-03-11 Aradhita Chattopadhyaya IISc Bangalore Applications of Mathieu Moonshine in N=4 supersymmetric theories
2019-03-15 Kausik Ghosh IISc, Bangalore Conformal Bootstrap in Mellin space and loops in AdS
2019-03-18 Ashoke Sen HRI, Allahabad Analyticity and Crossing Symmetry of Superstring Loop Amplitudes
2019-03-25 Suvankar Dutta IISER, Bhopal Chern-Simons theories on generic three manifolds and matrix models
2019-03-27 Indranil Halder TIFR, Mumbai Matter Chern Simons Theories in a Background Magnetic Field
2019-04-01 Bidisha Chakrabarty ICTS-TIFR, Bangalore Out of Time Ordered Quantum Dissipation
2019-04-08 Aninda Sinha IISc, Bangalore The simplest problem in conformal bootstrap
2019-04-15 Suvrat Raju ICTS-TIFR, Bengaluru Is Holography Implicit in Canonical Gravity?
2019-04-22 Bindusar Sahoo IISER Thiruvananthapuram Action principle in conformal supergravity
2019-04-30 Suresh Govindarajan IIT, Madras An invitation to moonshine
2019-05-06 Apratim Kaviraj LPT & ENS, Paris Boundary CFTs and Functional Bootstrap
2019-06-11 Upamanyu Moitra TIFR, Mumbai Jackiw-Teitelboim Gravity and Rotating Black Holes
2019-06-17 Ravi Mohan University of Texas, Austin Holographic RG Flows for Class S Line Defects
Monsoon Semester 2018
2018-07-24 Sumit Das University of Kentucky, USA Towards a Holographic Dictionary for the SYK Model
2018-08-06 Amitabh Virmani CMI, Chennai Aretakis Instability
2018-08-13 Alok Laddha CMI, India Classical Limit of Soft Graviton Theorem
2018-08-20 Siddharth Dwivedi Sichuan University, China Entanglement structure of a state on multi-torus boundary
2018-08-27 Prahar Mitra IAS, Princeton, USA Soft Theorems and Asymptotic Symmetries in Effective Field Theories
2018-09-10 Subhajit Mazumdar The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel Kite diagram through Symmetries of Feynman Integrals
2018-09-17 Arjun Bagchi IIT, Kanpur BMS Field Theories and Modular Invariance
2018-09-24 Shamik Banerjee IOP, Bhubaneswar Null states and soft theorems
2018-10-01 Ayan Mukhopadhyay IIT, Madras Some revelations of rebellious and queer nature of NAdS2
2018-10-08 Rajesh Gopakumar ICTS-TIFR, Bangalore On the Polyakov-Mellin bootstrap
2018-10-15 Vikram Tripathi DTP-TIFR Quasiparticle lifetime in a finite conductor and the problem of many-body localization
2018-10-22 Ofer Aharony Weizmann Institute Of Science Renormalization group flows in disordered field theories
2018-10-29 Arnab Kundu Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata Strings, Schwarzian, Maximal Chaos
2018-11-05 Nilay Kundu IIT, Kanpur Second law of black-hole thermodynamics in higher derivative theories of gravity
2018-11-12 Justi David IISc, Bangalore Applications of moonshine in string compactifications and black holes
2018-11-19 Soumangsu Bhusan Chakraborty The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel JT deformed CFT2 and string theory
2018-11-26 Diptarka Das IIT, Kanpur Modular Bootstrap with some applications to thermalization
2018-12-07 Finn Larsen University of Michigan, USA An attractor mechanism for nAdS2 / nCFT1 holography
2018-12-14 Vishnu Jejjala University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa Generalized Hot Attractors
Spring Semester 2018
2018-01-15 Shamik Banerjee IOP, Bhubhaneswar Null-Infinity and Unitary Representation of Poincare group
2018-02-05 Pallab Basu ICTS-TIFR Complex Langevin dynamics and large-N gauge theories
2018-02-12 Subham Duttachowdhury IISC, Bengaluru Constraining spectral densities in conformal field theories
2018-02-19 Madhusudhan Raman IMSc, Chennai Semiclassical Methods: A Jumble of Results and Directions
2018-03-05 Sujay Ashok IMSc, Chennai Surface operators in supersymmetric gauge theories
2018-03-07 Sujay Ashok IMSc, Chennai Surface operators in supersymmetric gauge theories
2018-03-12 Pankaj Joshi TIFR, Mumbai Recent Developments on Gravitational Collapse, Black Holes and Naked Singularities
2018-03-19 Chethan Krishnan IISc - CHEP A Neumann Boundary for Gravity
2018-04-02 Abhijit Gadde TIFR, Mumbai Vector space of conformal field theories
2018-04-09 Manas Kulkarni ICTS-TIFR Emergence of integrable models in external potentials: Duality, Solitons and Field theory
2018-04-16 Bindusar Sahoo IISER-TVM New multiplets in N=2 conformal supergravity
2018-04-23 Shiroman Prakash DEI-Agra Tensor Models in d Dimensions
2018-04-27 Hiroshi Ooguri Caltech Constraints on Quantum Gravity
2018-05-07 Florian Loebbert Humbolt Uni. Berlin Hidden Symmetries of Scattering Amplitudes in Gauge Theories and Gravity
Monsoon Semester 2017
2017-08-16 Chandrasekhar Bhamidipati IIT, Bhubhaneswar Black Holes at Criticality
2017-08-17 Sachin Jain IISER, Pune Small step towards computing all loop exact arbitrary m to n scattering amplitude in Chern-Simons matter theories
2017-08-24 Surbhi Khetrapal IISc, Bengaluru Local quenches and quantum chaos from higher spin perturbations
2017-08-28 Spenta Wadia ICTS, Bengaluru Quantum Gravity in 2-dim and the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev Model
2017-09-04 Sunil Mukhi IISER, Pune Universal Correlators from the Holomorphic Bootstrap
2017-09-11 Indranil Halder TIFR, Mumbai Notes on Melonic O(N)^{q?1} Tensor Models
2017-09-18 Naveen Prabhakar TIFR, Mumbai Rational Conformal Field Theory : A primer - Lecture 1
2017-09-21 Naveen Prabhakar TIFR, Mumbai Rational Conformal Field Theory : A primer - Lecture 2
2017-09-25 Justin David IISc, Bengaluru Constraints on parity violating conformal field theories in d=3
2017-10-09 Alok Laddha CMI, Chennai Asymptotic symmetries in QED and sub-leading soft photon theorem
2017-10-16 Junggi Yoon ICTS, Bengaluru SYK Models with Global Symmetry
2017-10-23 Rishi Khatri TIFR, Mumbai Axions in the CMB sky
2017-10-30 P. Ramadevi IIT, Bombay Current status on polynomial invariants of knots- attempt towards classification
2017-11-06 Aninda Sinha IISc, CHEP Strategies for bootstrap
2017-11-13 Arnab Kundu SINP, Kolkata SYK-chaotic and Global Charges
2017-11-20 Anosh Joseph ICTS-TIFR, Bangalore Lattice Formulation of N=2* Super Yang-Mills
2017-11-23 Djordje Radicevic Perimeter Institute, Canada Bosonization on a lattice in 2+1D
2017-11-28 Raghu Mahajan Princeton University, USA A thermal Froissart-Gribov formula for CFTs
2017-11-30 Abhishek Chowdhury HRI, Allahabad Hilbert Series and Black Hole Microstate Counting(Part 1)
Spring Semester 2017
2017-01-02 Amihay Hanany Imperial College London, UK Branes and the Kraft - Procesi transition
2017-01-05 Atish Dabholkar ICTP, Trieste, Italy Weyl Anomalies and Cosmology
2017-01-09 Matthew Headrick Brandeis University, USA A new perspective on holographic entanglement
2017-01-30 Anirban Basu Low momentum expansion of one loop string amplitudes HRI, Allahabad, India
2017-02-13 Raghu Mahajan Stanford University Transport in Chern-Simons-Matter Theories
2017-03-06 Kedar Damle TIFR, Mumbai Melting of three-sublattice order: How does a KT phase pinch off? (Part 1)
2017-03-07 Kedar Damle TIFR, Mumbai Melting of three-sublattice order: How does a KT phase pinch off? (Part 2)
2017-03-14 Tom Banks University of California, Santa Cruz Why CFT correlators can't probe sub-AdS Locality
2017-03-20 Suvankar Dutta IISER, Bhopal Emergent phase space description of unitary matrix model
2017-03-27 Sunil Mukhi IISER, Pune Entanglement, Replicas and Thetas
2017-04-03 Ashoke Sen HRI, Allahabad Soft graviton theorem
2017-04-10 Bindusar Sahoo IISER,Trivandrum Advances in N=4 conformal supergravity
2017-04-17 Zohar Komargodski Simons Centre for Geometry and Physics, USA Hooft Anomalies for Discrete Symmetries (Part 1)
2017-04-17 Zohar Komargodski Simons Centre for Geometry and Physics, USA Hooft Anomalies for Discrete Symmetries (Part 2)
2017-04-18 Zohar Komargodski Simons Centre for Geometry and Physics, USA Hooft Anomalies for Discrete Symmetries (Part 3)
2017-04-24 Saumen Datta TIFR, Mumbai On heavy quark systems in quark-gluon plasma
2017-04-25 Shiroman Prakash DEI, Agra Some non supersymmetric dualities in 2+1 dimensions
2017-05-29 Sumit Das University of Kentucky A Three Dimensional View of the SYK Model
Monsoon Semester 2016
2016-08-08 Sudipta Sarkar IIT Gandhinagar Holography, second law and higher curvature gravit
2016-08-22 Amitabh Virmani IOP Bhubaneswar Classical internal structure of black holes
2016-08-29 Alok Laddha CMI Chennai Asymptotic Symmetries of gravity and soft theorems
2016-09-19 Justin David IISC Bengaluru Spectral sum rules for conformal field theories in arbitrary dimensions
2016-09-29 K Narayan CMI Chennai Entanglement in ghost systems
2016-10-03 Rajesh Gopakumar ICTS Bengaluru Conformal Bootstrap in Mellin space
2016-10-17 Apratim Kaviraj IISc Bengaluru Rebooting the Conformal Bootstrap in Mellin Space.
2016-10-24 Bidisha Chakrabarty IOP Bhubaneswar Holographic description of non-BPS orbifolded D1-D5-P solutions
2016-10-31 Arjun Bagchi IIT Kanpur Tensionless strings and related fun things
2016-11-07 Ashish Shukla TIFR Mumbai Symmetry constraints in inflation
2016-11-23 Kallol Sen IISc, Bengaluru On Critical Exponents without Feynman diagrams
2016-11-23 Yu-Tin Huang NTU Taiwan S-matrix constraints on perturbative UV completions
2016-11-28 Prithvi Narayan ICTS Bengaluru (1+1)d generalization of SYK model
2016-12-26 Djordje Radicevic Perimeter Institute An algebraic look at quantum theory
Spring Semester 2016
2016-01-05 Subir Sachdev Harvard University Strange metals and black holes
2016-01-08 Ashvin Viswanath University of California Berkeley Particle-Vortex duality of 2+1D Dirac fermions, from electric-magnetic duality of 3+1D topological insulators
2016-01-11 Xi Yin Harvard University 2D superconformal bootstrap
2016-01-18 Pallab Basu ICTS Bengaluru Holographic disorder and localization
2016-01-25 Chethan Krishnan IISc Bengaluru Lorentz invariance vs principle of equivalence
2016-02-05 Atish Dabholkar ICTP Trieste & CNRS Paris Weyl anomalies and cosmology
2016-02-08 R Loganayagam ICTS Bengaluru Topological sigma models and fluid dynamics (Part 1)
2016-02-09 R Loganayagam ICTS Bengaluru Topological sigma models and fluid dynamics (Part 2)
2016-02-22 David Tong DAMTP, University of Cambridge Quantum Hall Matrix Models
2016-02-25 Sachin Jain Cornell University Causality constraints in conformal field theory
2016-03-04 Nilay Kundu HRI Allahabad Surface transport in finite lumps of stationary relativistic fluid
2016-03-07 Amin Nizami ICTS Bengaluru Anomalous dimensions in epsilon expansion for the Gross-Neveu CFT
2016-03-14 Bindusar Sahoo IISER Thiruvananthapuram N=4 conformal supergravity
2016-03-21 Aninda Sinha IISC Bengaluru Conformal bootstrap using unitary blocks (Part 1)
2016-03-22 Aninda Sinha IISC Bengaluru Conformal bootstrap using unitary blocks (Part 2)
2016-03-29 Shamik Banerjee IOP Bhubaneswar AdS/CFT and RG-flow
2016-04-04 Dileep Jatkar HRI Allahabad Exact WKB analysis of $\Omega$-deformed Seiberg-Witten theory
2016-04-11 Sujay Ashok IMSc Chennai S-duality, triangle groups and modular anomalies in N=2 SQCD
2016-04-21 Tarun Sharma Weizmann Institute Monopole operators in 3d N=2 Chern-Simons matter theories (Part 1)
2016-04-25 Arnab Kundu SINP Kolkata Three dimensional (super) Yang-Mills with compressible quark matter
2016-04-27 Tarun Sharma Weizmann Institute Monopole operators in 3d N=2 Chern-Simons matter theories (Part 2)
Monsoon Semester 2015
2015-09-21 Ashoke Sen HRI, Allahabad Superstring field theories
2015-09-28 Rajesh Gopakumar ICTS, Bengaluru The Higher Spin square
2015-10-05 Suvrat Raju ICTS, Bengaluru Local Operators and state dependence in Ads/CFT
2015-10-12 Justin David IISc, Bengaluru Anomalous transport at weak coupling
2015-10-19 Shiroman Prakash Dayalbagh Inst, Agra A test of bosonization at the level of four-point functions in Chern-Simons vector models
2015-10-26 Sunil Mukhi IISER, Pune On 2d Conformal Field Theories with Two Characters
2015-11-02 Nabamita Banerjee IISER, Pune Null Fluid - A new view to Galilean fluid
2015-11-16 Anirban Basu HRI, Allahabad Perturbative type II amplitudes for BPS interactions
2015-12-02 Abhishek Chowdhury HRI Allahabad Hilbert series and black hole microstate counting(Part 2)