Research group at TIFR

Post Doc Students

Sayali Bhatkar

Asymptotic conservation laws, Soft theorems


Email : sayali.bhatkar"at"tifr.res.in

Diksha Jain

My current research interests are focused on fundamental properties of S-matrices, namely, causality, analyticity, and unitarity. These properties along with certain assumptions can put strong constraints on IR physics. AdS/CFT can also be employed to understand some properties of bulk S-matrices from boundary theory, for example, the constraints coming from Chaos bound. In addition, I am also working on Soft theorems and their relationship with asymptotic symmetries.


Email : diksha.jain"at"theory.tifr.res.in

Pushkal Shrivastava

Research interest: I am interested in various aspects of quantum gravity and black holes. My current research primarily involves quantum gravity in asymptotically flat spacetimes. I am interested in exploring whether there exists a notion of holography analogous to AdS/CFT. To this end, in a recent co-authored paper it was argued that null infinity stores information holographically. I am working towards an extension of this result to include massive excitations. I am also interested in black hole information paradox. Holography implies loss of locality, thereby invalidating the premise of the black hole information paradox. However, a more quantitative understanding of the extent of loss of locality in quantum gravity is desirable. My past research includes - analyzing the limitations of the fuzzball proposal to the resolution of information paradox; deriving a universal bound on relativistic thermal correlators at large spacelike separation; and studying the validity of strong cosmic censorship conjecture under quantum corrections.


Email : pushkal"at"theory.tifr.res.in