Research group at TIFR

Post Doc Students

Naveen Prabhakar

My interests are broadly distributed over the fields of high energy physics and mathematical physics. Specifically, my work has involved exact calculation of supersymmetric observables in supersymmetric quantum field theories in diverse dimensions and string theory.


Email : naveen.s.prabhakar"at"gmail.com

Madhusudhan Raman

My interests are uniformly distributed in the areas of quantum field theory and mathematical physics. More specifically, the primary focus of my research has been the study of S-duality, the constraints it places on non-perturbative effects in N=2 supersymmetric gauge theories, and the mathematical structures that arise naturally when attempting to describe them.


Email : madhur"at"theory.tifr.res.in

Subham Dutta Chowdhury

The primary focus of my research has been to study various aspects of Conformal field theories at finite temperature, in particular anomalous hydrodynamics, and spectral densities of CFT correlators. Apart from further exploring the above mentioned topics, I am currently pursuing research in the rich area of conformal bootstrap in d=3 as well as the gravitational aspects of AdS/CFT correspondence.


Email : subham"at"theory.tifr.res.in

Soumangsu Chakraborty

I'm interested in diverse topics in string theory, conformal and quantum field theory and gauge gravity duality. To be more precise, currently I'm working of solvable irrelevant deformation (e.g. T\bar{T} and others) of AdS_3/CFT_2 for better understanding of non-AdS holography. I'm also interested in more concrete understanding of string theory in curved backgrounds. In addition to the above I'm currently working on the growth of scattering matrices in the Regge limit.


Email : soumangsu"at"theory.tifr.res.in