Research group at TIFR


Amiya Mishra

My broad research interest is on the theoretical aspects of high energy physics. Specifically, I am interested in quantum field theories and string theory. My current research work is on the non-supersymmetric matter Chern-Simons theories. This is an example of strong-weak coupling duality in quantum field theory. And my goal is to study and to better understand the bose-fermi duality in the three dimensions.


Email : amiya.mishra"at"theory.tifr.res.in

Anurag Kaushal

The AdS/CFT duality which originates from string theory, provides us with a playground to explore a broad set of interconnected problems in theoretical physics - from dynamics of strongly interacting field theories, to black hole formation and evaporation, to information theoretic understanding of bulk spacetime. All such problems lie within the purview of my research interests.


Email : anurag.kaushal"at"theory.tifr.res.in

Suman Kundu

I am interested in various aspects of Gravity. I have worked on Membrane dynamics dual to gravity in large number of space-time dimensions and it's finite dimensional improvement in special cases. Currently I am working on classifying various consistent classical gravity interactions.


Email : kundusuman1994"at"gmail.com

Trakshu Sharma

I am interested in non-perturbative Conformal Field Theories and Conformal Bootstrap techniques (both numerical and analytical), where I am interested in understanding the solution space of the Crossing Equation, which is the expression of the associativity of the local operator algebra, preferably without the use of small coupling constant.


Email : trakshusharma"at"gmail.com