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Current Semester Quantum Spacetime Seminars

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Past Quantum Spacetime Seminars

DateSpeakerInstituteTalk Title
2022-01-03 Igor Klebanov Princeton University O(N), Sp(2M), and OSp(1|2M) Models
2022-01-10 Rob Myers Perimeter Institute Complexity=Anything2
2022-01-13 Sayantani Bhattacharyya NISER, Bhubaneswar An entropy current in higher derivative theories of gravity - Part II
2022-01-17 Davide Gaiotto Perimeter Institute Large charge asymptotic expansion for superconformal indices
2022-01-24 Gary Horowitz UCSB A new type of extremal black hole
2022-01-31 Shiroman Prakash DEI, Agra Bifundamental Multi-Scalar Fixed Points
2022-02-07 Julio Parra Martinez CALTECH Causality constraints on corrections to Einstein gravity
2022-02-14 Sruthi Narayanan Harvard Celestial w_{1+\infty} Algebra and Self-Dual Gravity
2022-02-21 Mark Van Raamsdonk University of British Columbia Cosmology from vacuum physics
2022-02-28 Alexandre Belin CERN Quantum chaos, OPE coefficients and wormholes
2022-03-04 Raghu Mahajan Stanford Normalization of ZZ instanton amplitudes in minimal string theory
2022-03-07 Hong Liu MIT Emergent times in holography
2022-03-14 Sachin Jain IISER, Pune Momentum space CFT correlation function and its applications
2022-03-21 Sean Hartnoll University of Cambridge Entanglement in the quantum Hall matrix model
2022-03-25 Apratim Kaviraj DESY Some functional aspects of the conformal bootstrap
2022-03-28 Katsuki Aoki Kyoto University Gravitational positivity bounds
2022-04-11 Alok Laddha CMI, Chennai Towards Positive Geometries for Massive S-matrix
2022-04-18 Justin David CHEP, IISc Entanglement entropy of gravitational edge modes
2022-04-25 Pranay Gorantla Princeton Exotic QFTs: Lifshitz Theory, Tensor Gauge Theory, and Fractons
2022-05-02 Ayan Mukhopadhyay IIT, Madras Exotic QFTs: Generalized Clausius inequality, error tolerant memory and the quantum null energy condition
2022-05-23 Christopher White QMUL The double copy: gravity from gauge theory
2022-05-30 Aninda Sinha (11 AM IST on Zoom) IISc, Bangalore Dispersion relations and knot theory
2022-06-06 Suvrat Raju (11 AM IST on Zoom) ICTS
2022-06-13 Monica Guica Nordita
2022-06-20 Sunil Mukhi (11 AM IST on Zoom) IISER Pune
2022-06-27 Rajesh Kumar Gupta (11 AM IST on Zoom) IIT Ropar
2022-07-04 Sudipta Sarkar (11 AM IST on Zoom) IIT GN
2022-07-11 David Simmons-Duffin Caltech