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Current Semester Quantum Spacetime Seminars

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Past Quantum Spacetime Seminars

DateSpeakerInstituteTalk Title
2021-07-05 Raghu Mahajan Stanford University Sphere and disk partition functions in Liouville and in matrix integrals
2021-07-09 Simon Caron-Huot McGill University Gravity: the force from the ultraviolet
2021-07-12 Jorge Santos Cambridge University The classical interior of charged black holes with AdS asymptotics
2021-07-19 Kristan Jensen University of Victoria Wormholes and black hole microstates in AdS/CFT
2021-07-26 Pranjal Nayak University of Geneva From operator statistics to wormholes
2021-08-02 Soumyadeep Chaudhuri Hebrew University Symmetry non-restoration in large N gauge theories
2021-08-09 Parthiv Haldar IISC Quantum field theory and the Bieberbach conjecture
2021-08-16 Gonzalo Torroba Bariloche de Sitter quantum gravity: holography and compactification - Part 1
2021-08-20 Sayali Bhatkar IISER, Pune Effect of small cosmological constant on electromagnetic memory effect
2021-08-23 Per Kraus UCLA 3d gravity in a box and the TTbar deformation
2021-08-26 Gonzalo Torroba Bariloche de Sitter quantum gravity: holography and compactification - Part 2
2021-08-30 Sebastian Mizera IAS Crossing Symmetry in the Planar Limit
2021-09-06 Vasudev Shyam Stanford University Entropy of the de Sitter horizon from finite radius holography
2021-09-13 Sandipan Kundu Johns Hopkins Swampland Conditions from CFT
2021-09-17 Petr Kravchuk IAS Conformal bootstrap with spinning correlators and GNY models
2021-09-20 Pratik Rath UCSB The Page curve for Reflected Entropy
2021-09-27 Shruti Paranjape UC Davis Mass, Effective Operators and Locality in the Double Copy
2021-10-11 Sergei Gukov Caltech Geometry of 2d (0,1) SQCD
2021-10-18 Shreya Vardhan MIT Bound entanglement in thermalized states and black hole radiation
2021-10-25 Prahar Mitra Cambridge University Shadows and Soft Exchange in Celestial CFT
2021-11-01 Nima Arkani-Hamed Institute for Advanced Studies, Princeton Spacetime and Quantum Mechanics, Particles and Strings,Polytopes and Binary Geometries
2021-11-12 Sergei Dubovsky New York University Yang-Mills glueballs vs closed effective strings
2021-11-15 Michael Smolkin Hebrew University, Jerusalem Persistent order in CFT
2021-11-22 Netta Engelhardt MIT, Cambridge Pythons in Unexpected Places
2021-11-29 Akhil Sivakumar (11 am IST on Zoom) ICTS, Bengaluru Fluctuating Hydrodynamics from holography
2021-12-06 Massimo Porrati NYU
2021-12-20 Sayantani Bhattacharyya NISER