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Current Semester Quantum Spacetime Seminars

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Past Quantum Spacetime Seminars

DateSpeakerInstituteTalk Title
2022-08-01 Sudipta Sarkar IIT Gandhinagar Light rings of stationary spacetimes
2022-08-22 Xi Yin Harvard Solving lattice QFT with convex optimization
2022-08-29 Jeevan Chandra Cornell University Euclidean wormholes, ensemble averages and coarse-grained states
2022-09-05 Zhenbin Yang Stanford University Firewall from Wormholes
2022-09-12 Nori Iizuka Osaka University Defining entanglement without tensor factoring: a Euclidean hourglass prescription
2022-09-19 Amit Sever Tel-Aviv University Line Operators in Chern-Simons-Matter Theories and Bosonization in Three Dimensions
2022-09-26 Shlomo S. Razamat Technion On IR dualities across dimensions
2022-10-07 Venkatesa Chandrasekaran IAS Princeton Large N algebras and generalized entropy
2022-10-14 Luca Iliesiu Stanford University Black hole microstate counting from the gravitational path integral
2022-10-17 Pawel Caputa University of Warsaw Quantum Complexity in the Krylov basis
2022-10-28 Kevin Costello Perimeter Institute Top-down asymptotically flat holography
2022-10-31 Mithat Unsal North Carolina State University Adiabatic continuity, anomaly preserving compactifications, and calculable confinement
2022-11-10 Nabamita Banerjee IISER Bhopal Study of "Soft limits" is asymptotically AdS theories
2022-11-14 Iosif Bena IPhT Saclay The Tadpole Problem
2022-11-15 Mukund Rangamani UC Davis Lessons from holography for open quantum systems
2022-11-22 Diptarka Das IIT Kanpur Quantum quench and symmetry restoration
2022-11-25 Spenta Wadia ICTS Bangalore A Microscopic Model of Black Hole Evaporation in 2-dim. Gravity
2022-11-28 Rajesh Gopakumar ICTS Bangalore Deriving the Simplest Gauge-String Duality
2022-12-02 Clay Cordova University of Chicago Non-Invertible Chiral Symmetry
2022-12-05 Dionysios Anninos King's College, London Finite Features in Holography
2022-12-12 Zohar Komargodski Stony Brook University The large charge limit and giant vortices
2022-12-19 Sergei Dubovsky New York University Quantization of the Zigzag Model