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Current Semester Quantum Spacetime Seminars

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Past Quantum Spacetime Seminars

DateSpeakerInstituteTalk Title
2020-05-04 Douglas Stanford Stanford University On replica wormholes
2020-05-11 Mark Van Raamsdonk University of British Columbia Pushing boundaries in holography
2020-05-18 Nathan Seiberg IAS, Princeton Continuum Quantum Field Theories for Fractons
2020-05-25 Alexander Maloney McGill University Pure Gravity and Conical Defects
2020-06-01 Joao Penedones (2:30 pm IST on Zoom) EPFL Nonperturbative Mellin Amplitudes: Existence, Properties, Applications
2020-06-08 Dalimil Mazac SCGP
2020-06-15 Slava Rychkov IHES
2020-06-22 Xi Yin Harvard University
2020-06-29 Hong Liu MIT
2020-07-06 Yifan Wang Harvard University
2020-07-13 Francesco Benini SISA, Trieste
2020-07-20 Charlotte Sleight IAS, Princeton
2020-07-27 David Meltzer Caltech
2020-08-03 Luis Fernando Alday University of Oxford
2020-08-10 Mherdad Mirbabayi ICTP
2020-08-17 Alejandra Castro University of Amsterdam
2020-08-24 Andy Strominger Harvard University
2020-09-07 Maulik Parekh Arizona State University
2020-09-14 Ofer Aharony Weizmann Institute
2020-09-21 David Simons Duffin Caltech
2020-09-28 Gregory Korchemsky IPhT, Saclay